5 Ways to Best Prepare For Your Bridal Hair Trial

5 Ways to Best Prepare For Your Bridal Hair Trial

You’ve booked a bridal hairstylist for your wedding day and after months (maybe years!) of arduous planning, organising, and sweating the small stuff, you feel a huge wave of excitement come over you as you realise you’ll soon have somebody pamper you and get you glammed up! 

You’re going to look and feel amazing on your wedding day and you can’t wait to get started…

When suddenly, you realise… you don’t know how you would like your hair to look on your big day, you’ve never worn your hair “up” and you’re worried that the style you pick won’t flatter the shape of your face.

Have no fear.

It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive ahead of your trial. It’s totally fine to be feeling both excited and nervous about allowing a stylist to take the reins whilst beautifying you. You can also be safe in the knowledge that there are multiple things you can do to quell any nagging doubts or anxieties which may have arisen about your wedding day hair (and/or makeup).

Here are five ways to be best prepared for when your trial date arrives…

  1. Reference Pictures 

One of the best ways to ensure you and your hairstylist are on the same page is to put together a “moodboard” of bridal hairstyles that you love. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are great for collating a heap of styles and help you to narrow down the styles which really stand out and draw you in. Make sure to take your wedding hair inspiration from styles that are like your own hair colour, hair length and hair texture, as these will be the styles most realistic for your hairstylist to recreate on you. 

If you’re still stuck on ideas after trawling through photo after photo, make it simple for yourself and have a few photos to hand of you, wearing your go-to styles, where you are most comfortable. It will be a great help for your wedding hairstylist to know your likes and dislikes, and any good stylist will take these on board when designing your “do”. 

Whilst your look ought to be unique to you, there’s no harm in seeking inspiration from a celebrity style you might have seen. Let your stylist know which celebrity’s style is closest to your own – those in the public eye are universally known reference points and will therefore be a huge aid to a stylist in understanding your vision.

  1. Homecare/Hair Prep

There are a few things you might want to do at home ahead of your trial to ensure your hair is in the best condition to be styled. Invest in a good hair masque or purchase salon-brand shampoos and conditioners (sulphate-free!) in the run up to your trial and wedding day to ensure your hair is happy and healthy. Regular trims would be beneficial too. With your hair cut to the shape and length of your choosing, it will allow you to best envisage how your hair is likely going to look on the day.

For longer or fuller-bodied hairstyles you might want to try out at your trial, it may be necessary to first source some hair extensions! If clip-ins are your preferred extension, ensure the hair is real human hair so that they can withstand high temperatures and allow for the most natural-looking blend. If you usually have more permanent fixtures, such as bonds or tapes, consider getting a fresh installation before your trial to get optimum results.

  1. Wedding Dress Style 

Arguably one of the most important components of your day, your wedding dress, plays an integral part in the decision process for your bridal hairstyle. The dress, teamed with the perfect hair and makeup style (along with accessories and your bouquet), makes up the complete image of you on your special day. A great way to prepare for your hair trial is to have pictures of your dress ready to show your stylist so that they can really get a sense of your desired aesthetic. Images of you in your dress will help a wedding hairstylist to know what considerations they need to bear in mind when trialling hairstyles for you. Examples of things to consider might be dress proportions, fabric textures and the level of dress detailing.

A wedding hairstylist ought to be able to suggest suitable hairstyles to go with your dress based on the above factors. They might advise a mermaid plait or a braided style of sorts to go with the low-cut back of your dress. Alternatively, if your dress is heavily embellished, they might advise you to pick an updo style to best show off all the beading!

  1. Veil/Accessories

Although not essential, it is a good idea to bring your chosen hair accessories and/or veil with you to your hair trial. Tiara, bridal comb, hair vine or veil – you name it! If you are able to source these in advance, they do add another dimension to the overall look of your wedding day hair. Bridal hair accessories can make or break a style, so it’s always best to play around with them before committing to a style, should you have the chance. 

If an accessory or veil is something you hadn’t previously considered, your hairstylist will have showpieces in their kit to help you better gauge the kind of accessory to go for. As wedding hairstylists usually team up with hair accessory suppliers, you could even land yourself an attractive discount on your wedding day hair accessory.

  1. How To Arrive

On arrival to your trial appointment, your hairstylist will have already notified you with their top tips to make the best of your trial and your time together. Some examples might include:

  • Washing your hair the night before your trial and, if possible, letting your hair air dry. 

Do not apply any products in your hair or style with heated tools as this will affect the hair’s ability to be manipulated. Slept on, clean hair tends to behave better than freshly washed hair. Your stylist will similarly advise that you and your bridal party wash your hair in the same way the night before your wedding day. 

  • Wearing a white or light-coloured top or dress to your trial

Wearing a colour that mimics that of your dress helps you to properly visualise how your hair might look on the day itself. White or very light colours bounce light onto your face (perfect for your makeup artist!) and will enhance the visible detail in your hairstyle. 

  • Pick a morning or daytime trial to make use of the most available natural light.

Daylight is the best environment for hair and makeup artists to work in. Nowadays, stylists will carry a makeup light with them as part of their extensive kit and can place them on a daylight setting, but nothing beats the real thing! Bear in mind that your wedding photographer will mostly be shooting in natural light on the day, so you will want to get a sneak preview of the look they will be capturing for your photo album!

  • Choose a trusted friend or family member to attend the trial with you.

It’s totally your preference whether you wish to come alone or bring a supportive confidant with you to your trial (just let us know who to expect on the day beforehand). On the one hand, a bride-only hair trial allows you to have your stylist’s full and undivided attention. On the other hand, a second opinion from mum or your bestie can be helpful and create a fun experience – just be weary of inviting too many people as multiple voices can often be counterproductive!

And there you have it!

Those are just five top tips for attacking the seemingly daunting task at hand. You’re now prepped, reassured and ready to discover your true bridal beauty!

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