TRENDING vs. TIMELESS: A Wedding Hairstylist’s Guide to Predicted Hair Fashions in 2022

TRENDING vs. TIMELESS: A Wedding Hairstylist’s Guide to Predicted Hair Fashions in 2022

Have you been hesitating to decide on your wedding day hairstyle for your special day next year?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a crystal ball to peer into the future and see which hair and beauty trends will be all the rage on your wedding day in 2022?

I might not be able to provide you with a crystal ball, but I can offer some expert predictions which will hopefully point you towards your perfect bridal styling!

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the styles and trends to expect throughout the coming season… 


  • Half-Up, Half-Down Styles

These were a stronghold of 2021 and it looks like they’re here to stay for another year. Half-up, half-down hairstyles are totally on trend. They evoke a “cool bride” or “modern bride” vibe and personify the relaxed and “undone-but-done” aesthetic that has really caught on in recent years. Half-up styles refer to the top half of one’s hair being “upstyled”, usually with a twist or plait along the occipital bone, whilst the bottom half of the hair is left in a down style, most often than not in beachy waves. 

  • Bubble Braids

Elastic hair-ties at the ready! Bubble braids are most definitely for the fashion-forward bride. A firm editorial favourite, these braids are certainly eye-catching with their fluffy or bubble-like appearance. First spotted on models walking the runway, bubble braids are sure to be sported by brides walking down the church aisle in 2022.

  • Ponytails

No longer worn solely for practical purposes, ponytails have taken the bridal style guide by storm and are predicted to be out in full force for 2022. A wedding ponytail is a reimagining of the classic, simple updo. With versions ranging from the sleek and polished pony all the way through to the curled and voluminous mane, the ponytail can be tailored to your unique style and works well with many types of hair accessory. Bows or scarfs are popular additions to a ponytail, which helps to “dress them up” and really make a statement look. 

  • Natural Texture

It’s fair to say that in today’s society we have undergone a hair revolution. There is now greater emphasis than ever before on embracing one’s natural hair texture and flaunting it! Many brides are opting to do just that on their wedding day. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that a bride feels comfortable and their most naturally beautiful self on their big day. For many, this might mean embracing their curl pattern, instead of ironing it out. For thinner-haired brides, it might prompt them to choose an airy style with lots of texture that mimics a full-bodied head of hair, instead of adding in extensions and faking volume. It’s a trend that’s quickly been gathering pace and I do believe it is here to stay for many a wedding day to come.

  • Down Styles

Keeping things a little more simple, down styles are a predicted trend for 2022. Gentle waves or loose curls look effortless and are much less structured than an updo. Down styles also go perfectly in hand with the new bridal must-have: the statement headpiece! Celestial pearls, crystals and gemstones adorn the boldest of bridal tiaras. We have the likes of Bridgerton to thank for the rise in regency-inspired hair accessories that are making a big wave in the current-day wedding aesthetic. 

  • Middle Parts

Middle parts are great for contemporary wedding day hairstyles. This parting works for every hair type and texture. Bridal hair accessories such as hair chains tend to sit beautifully in a middle parting. There’s virtually no “do” that doesn’t look good with a middle part. 

  • Shadow Roots

A shadow root is where a hair colourist stretches out a darker dye from the root, down the lengths of the hair, to a lightened tip. This trend has gained huge popularity as it’s a lower maintenance style, making the shadow root an excellent choice for the more relaxed, effortless-looking bride. 

  • Shags/Mullets

Both the shag and the mullet made a comeback in 2021. A shag haircut is blended from the ear through to the back, from short to long. A mullet is disconnected from the length at the ear to the length at the back. These somewhat “messy” cuts are less polished than the more traditional bridal styles but work well for trending boho-inspired looks.


  • High Bun/Ballet Bun

The high bun (or ballet bun) is a timeless, traditionally bridal hairstyle and it’s here to stay for a new season! High buns are well-suited to wedding dresses with high necklines as the hair is swept up off the neck and face, allowing for the dress detailing to take centre stage. 

  • Waves

For those brides wishing to emulate the glitz and glamour of Golden Age Cinema, the “Hollywood Wave” is a style that’s been utilised time and time again. It’s a style that will forever be associated with chic sophistication. Usually worn with a heavy side parting, these glam waves look stunning when paired with a bridal comb or barette.

  • Chignon

The bridal chignon, or classic bridal bun, is another wedding hairstyle that’s successfully stood the test of time. Buns are such a versatile style choice: they can be textured or smooth, big or small, looped or plaited… the possibilities really are endless. The great thing about a chignon is that it never dates. Current wedding hair trends advocate for a softer bun (for example the less deliberately crafted “knotted bun”) and the art in creating these is to give the illusion that the style was quickly thrown together. In fact, the techniques a stylist uses will ensure the bun lasts throughout the nuptials, dining and dancing!

When pitting trending styles against timeless styles, I think it’s fair to say that, in 2022, we shall witness a move away from traditional bridal hairstyles. Wedding hairstyling has clearly deviated from the heavily structured, deliberate up-styling of eras gone by. 

For brides expecting to get married this year, a more relaxed, effortless-looking and softer bridal style might be favoured. Even the handful of timeless styles still in rotation have undergone modernization and have been adapted to suit the fashion-conscious bride. 

Additionally, as our collective obsession with celebrity culture grows, it’s becoming increasingly more common for us to see brides sporting styles more closely associated with the red carpet than classic wedding couture hair design.

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